About LVB

A picture is worth a thousand words. The rendering was very helpful in allowing the Advisory Committee and the City Council to visualize and understand the improvements being considered as part of the proposed Monterey Dam removal feasibility study.  In the case of our project, we anticipate significant changes to the landscape based on dam removal which creates unique restoration opportunities along the river banks.  The next step will involve incorporating the various elements into an actual design and bid package to pursue the project.

Mike Payne, PE

City Engineer, City of Janesville

LVBrown Studio LLC (LVB) is an ecological landscape design firm in Madison, WI focused on helping envision, plan, and gain momentum for land and water resource projects. Lauren is owner and design principal, and has a particular sweet-spot for watersheds.

Blending a professional design background in landscape architecture and urban planning with water resource management education, LVB is able to offer artful yet practical solutions during site planning and conceptual design.

LVB enjoys collaborating with water resource engineers and restoration ecologists to develop science-based and context-specific site design. LVB is particularly skilled in translating technical or complex information into tangible plans and illustrations that help move projects from the realm of uncertainty to enthusiasm and support.

LVB also understands the power of visual story telling to educate and connect people to place, and believes that sharing these stories is a powerful way to celebrate the past and engage the future. How can LVB support your project, organization or success story?


How LVB can support your project:

REVEAL site opportunities through the process of design. Bring new solutions or connections to light.

ENVISION the future project and SYNTHESIZE information from interdisciplinary design teams and stakeholder contributions.

COMMUNICATE your project or story simply, clearly and elegantly to a diverse audience.

GAIN public support and stakeholder consensus & GALVANIZE action to move your project forward.

ATTRACT project funding by making your project standout above the rest.

ENJOY the creative problem-solving process with someone who is enthusiastic, passionate and engaged.